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Regularly Scheduled Services

Guests are welcome at our spiritual services!

Attendees may enter or leave on the hour.

If you are new to meditation, we suggest you attend our Sunday Reading Service or the monthly Thursday Inspirational Service.

Both have shorter periods of meditation interspersed with prayer, chants, and devotional readings from

the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

The regular Meditation Service has longer periods

of uninterrupted meditation. The 1st and 3rd Thursdays offer an additional hour of meditation

(6 pm -9 pm).


Sunday Mornings

  9 am - 9:50 am   Meditation Service

10 am - 11 am   Reading Service


Thursday Evenings

6 pm - 8 pm  Meditation Service


Inspirational Services

The last Thursday of each month, 6 pm - 7 pm

Sunday Reading Services

   7th   The Secret of Spiritual Success
14th   Peace: The Altar of Heaven
21st   The Place of Money in the Spiritual Life
28th   Healing by God's Unlimited Power
   5th    What is Love?
 12th    The Mother Aspect of God
 19th    Anchor Yourself in God
 26th    Loyalty - Highest Law for Spiritual Success                (SRF video service by Brother Ishtananda)
  2nd     Why Our Loved Ones Die
   9th     The Universe-God's Magic Drama
 16th     The Father Aspect of God
 23rd     Attuning Your Life to God's Abundance
 30th     How You Can Talk With God


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