The operations of our Eugene Meditation Group are handled by a coordination team, a treasurer, various committees and devotee- volunteers, under the guidance of Self-Realization Fellowship Center Department.

Our Coordination Team (CT) is elected annually and meets regularly. It consists of three positions serving as liaisons to several different committees, which handle group functions. One CT position also corresponds with SRF Center Department and the group. A volunteer treasurer handles financial and accounting duties.


Various devotee-volunteer committees, working under chairpersons chosen by the CT, carry out group functions. The circular diagram shows how this works.


 When you work for God, not self,

it is just as good as meditation. 

Then work helps your meditation 

and meditation helps  your work. 


––Paramahansa Yogananda

Our Sunday Service offertory donations go toward covering the expenses of our meditation group, and help us contribute to the Self-Realization Fellowship worldwide,

nonprofit, religious organization. 

Additionally, devotees may choose to pledge a regularly scheduled amount to help support our meditation group.


All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Offerings given at the special services for the SRF line of Gurus (birthday and mahasamadhi services) are sent directly to Self-Realization Fellowship to support their work. 

Involvement by devotees, in serving on our operational committees and in other ways, is invaluable to the functioning of our group. We encourage devotees to consider serving Guru and group in this way. 

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