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"Using these studies, and meditating regularly, you shall find such happiness, such answers to your problems! Don't be satisfied with words. Have actual experience of truth.

Have Self-realization!"

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons 

are unique among Paramahansa Yogananda’s published writings in that they give his step-by-step instructions in the yoga techniques of meditation, concentration, and energization that he taught, including Kriya Yoga.


The goal of these simple yet highly effective yoga techniques is to teach you to deal directly with energy and consciousness, enabling you to recharge your body with energy, to awaken the mind's unlimited power, and to experience a deepening awareness of the Divine in your life.

The Lessons were compiled under Paramahansa Yogananda’s direction from his writings and the many classes and lectures he gave. In addition to his comprehensive instructions in meditation, the Lessons offer practical guidance for every aspect of spiritual living — how to live joyfully and successfully amidst the unceasing challenges and opportunities in this world of change.

SRF invites those interested in the Lessons to apply online, to allow new Lessons Students to begin their study sooner. 

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